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This lesson is based on viewing the Bluenose Heritage Minute, which portrays the champion Bluenose schooner racing against an American ship in the 1938 race.


Students will discuss the significance of the Bluenose as a recognizable Canadian symbol, and they will research the history of the Atlantic cod fishery.

Students will discuss two of the themes that emerge in the story of the Bluenose: Canada's relations with the United States, and Canada's resource based economy.


Les sciences et technologies

Joseph-Armand Bombardier


This lesson is based on viewing the Joseph-Armand Bombardier Heritage Minute, which focuses on the early years of this inventor who designed and build the first snowmobiles and Ski-doos.


In the following activities, students will imagine they are inventors. They will invent a solution to a transportation problem, and write an autobiographical account of their achievements.

Like successful entrepreneurs and businesses, students will identify needs in their community and come up...

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