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This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute, "Basketball." Canadian teacher, Dr. James Naismith, invented Basketball over 100 years ago when he hung a peach basket on a gym wall.


Students will develop their creative thinking and writing skills by writing about the first ever basketball game, or by devising a new game.

Using the story of James Naismith as the starting point, students can either research and write about other Canadian inventions, or other moments in...

Maurice "Rocket" Richard


This lesson is based on viewing the "Maurice "Rocket" Richard" Heritage Minute. Richard was a legendary hockey player for the Montréal Canadiens. He won numerous trophies, and set several records during his 18-year career.


Students will research changes in sports to understand historical change, and they will research and write biographies of their favourite sports stars.

Students will write sports stories; think critically about the idolization of sports stars; and analyze the...



This lesson is based on viewing the Inukshuk Heritage Minute, which depicts an RCMP officer watching a group of Inuit build an Inukshuk in the year 1931.


Students will learn about the "traditional" Inuit way of life and cultural expression.

These activities are intended to give students an appreciation and understanding of the Inuit culture and "traditional" way of life, as well as an understanding of how new technologies might alter Inuit culture.


1. Looking at the...



This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute, "Winnie," which recounts the true story of the Canadian soldier's bear that became the inspiration for writer A.A. Milne.


Students will discuss the cultural importance of meaningful symbols by looking at how animals are personified and anthropomorphized in literature and popular culture.

Secondary students can often learn a great deal about common literary themes and devices through exploring childrens' stories. These...

Jacques Plante


This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute, "Jacques Plante," which focuses on the 1959 hockey game when Plante wore the goalie mask that he invented.


After examining the "Jacques Plante" Minute, students will write opinion pieces and articles about Plante's decision to wear a mask. Students will also consider how his decision challenged notions of "masculinity."

Plante's decision to wear a mask challenged the social conventions of the time. Students will discuss how...

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