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Histoire militaire

Technology in World War One: Arms Auction


This lesson introduces technology used in World War One in an interactive and fun way. Students will learn what weapons were important in trench warfare.


Students will work collaboratively to identify and "acquire" weapons they think would have been most effective.


This lesson is normally presented after the students have been introduced to the causes of World War One. However, the actual conditions of trench warfare have not been discussed - their choices in the...

Remembrance Day: Integrated Arts Lesson Plan


Start this activity by introducing your students to Canadian writer John McCrae with the Heritage Minute about his poem "In Flanders Field" and to the Unknown Soldier by reading "Waiting in Line" from Chicken Soup for the Canadian Soul (text below).

Waiting in Line"

As I approached the Peace Tower at the Parliament Buildings in Ottawa I saw it: a line of orderly, polite, patient, Canadians - waiting. Without a word, I joined the line and many more followed. The young man in front...

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