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About the Portal

Historica Canada’s Education Portal is a digital resource for teachers that invites users to interact with us, with each other, and with our vast collection of learning tools covering Canada’s remarkable history from sea to sea to sea. The Portal is searchable by grade level, province, theme, and keyword. In addition to browsing our resources, teachers can share their own resources and create their own collections of grouped resources to reference at any time.

About Historica Canada

Historica Canada is the largest independent organization devoted to enhancing awareness of Canadian history and citizenship. Our programs, all of which are offered bilingually, reach more than eight million Canadians annually.  Our staff regularly travel coast to coast to coast to meet participants and promote engagement in our activities.

Our programs are aimed at appealing to Canadians of all ages and backgrounds, although several specifically focus on youth.  Among our best-known offerings are the Heritage Minutes, a collection of more than 80 dramatized vignettes that recreate events of great importance, accomplishment and bravery in our country’s history. The Canadian Encyclopedia, a free online resource, offers the largest collection of authored, accurate and continuously updated articles focused on Canada and Canadiana.  Every year, Encounters with Canada brings more than 3000 students to Ottawa for themed weeks focused on specific study topics. Our other programs include The Memory Project, through which veterans  share their experiences online and in classrooms and community groups; Passages Canada, featuring newcomers to Canada discussing their views and experiences; The Citizenship Challenge, in which young Canadians answer the same questions as real-life applicants for citizenship; and Aboriginal Arts & Stories,  which features submissions from Canada’s most talented young artists and writers from Indigenous communities.  In addition, we offer commemorative programs tied to specific periods of history, such as the War of 1812 or the First World War. As well, we regularly conduct public opinion polls and solicit feedback on a variety of issues of national interest.

Whatever the program and media platform, we always welcome comments, suggestions and questions related to our activities and our subject matter - Canada.  There are many ways to do so: one of the easiest is to send email to  You can also follow our activities on Facebook and Twitter. If you wish to make a financial gift to our organization to support our programs, you can do so via the DONATE  button at the top of this page.  No matter the form of your comment or contribution, we appreciate your time and attention, and we thank you for both.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to get in touch:
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