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Black History

Black History in Canada Education Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to enhance your students' knowledge and appreciation of the Black Canadian experience, drawing from Lawrence Hill's award-winning historical fiction, The Book of...

Women in Canadian History Education Guide

As we celebrate a century of women’s suffrage, it’s important to recognize that while this victory was a landmark achievement, social change and the push for equality weren’t born from, nor...

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Historica Canada

Model Citizenship Ceremony Toolkit

This Model Citizenship Ceremony Toolkit is a step-by-step guide for anyone who is organizing a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony and includes everything that is needed to run a ceremony. The toolkit is also intended to help prepare newcomers for their upcoming citizenship ceremonies, as well as provide teachers and organizers with the tools to stage their own citizenship events. The toolkit includes extended learning activities on the historical, legal, and cultural contexts of the...
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Record of Service Education Guide: Canadian Contributions to International Peace and Security

This education guide has been created to accompany The Memory Project’s DVD, Record of Service: Canadian Contributions to International Peace and Security, which features the testimonies of 15 Canadian veterans of the Second World War through to the war in Afghanistan. This guide brings oral history into the classroom and includes activities that build research, analysis, critical thinking, and communication skills. Students are invited to deepen their understanding of how international...
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Official Languages Act Worksheets

These worksheets accompany the Official Languages Act Education Guide, which introduces the Official Languages Act and the history of language policy in Canada. Use the worksheets to accompany the activities in the guide.