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Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

  • Indigenous History
  • Intermediate – Middle School

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Popular narratives of Canadian history have most frequently been told from the perspective of European settlers. As a result, Indigenous experiences have often been neglected or excluded from the telling of our country’s history. For a more comprehensive understanding of Canada’s history, it is important to examine it from Indigenous perspectives. Doing so requires students to explore the depth, breadth, diversity, and regional variation of experiences of Indigenous peoples in the land that is now Canada. It is also necessary to examine the legacy and consequences of colonialism and the repressive policies to which Indigenous peoples have been subjected. This guide aims to engage students in thinking critically about our historical narratives, and help them consider how both individual and collective worldviews shape — and are shaped by — history.

Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide

This guide is designed to align with current Canadian curricula, and has been produced for use in middle and high school history and social science classrooms. The guide is therefore not comprehensive in its coverage, focusing primarily on the history that is taught in classrooms. Teachers may wish to address topics not covered in this guide to provide a more complete understanding of Indigenous worldviews.

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Indigenous Perspectives Education Guide PDF 7.73 MB Download
Indigenous Perspectives Timeline PDF 2.44 MB Download
Indigenous Perspectives Worksheets - All Activities PDF 2.85 MB Download
Activity_1_Worksheet_-_Whose_Land_Is_This.pdf PDF 149 KB Download
Activity_2_Worksheet_-_What_is_Where._Why_There._Why_Care..pdf PDF 96.5 KB Download
Activity_4_Worksheet_-_Fur_Trade_Primary_Source_Analysis.pdf PDF 835 KB Download
Activity_6_Worksheet_-_Facebook_Profile_Page.pdf PDF 339 KB Download
Activity_7_Worksheet_-_5Ws_Reading_Comprehension_Chart-The_Indian_Act.pdf PDF 96.7 KB Download
Activity_7_Worksheet_-_Indian_Act_Amendments.pdf PDF 101 KB Download
Activity_10_Worksheet_-_Stories_of_Resistance.pdf PDF 192 KB Download
Activity_11_Worksheet_-_Fishbone_Chart-_The_Sixties_Scoop.pdf PDF 317 KB Download
Activity_14_Worksheet_-_Media_Interpretations.pdf PDF 95.1 KB Download
Activity_16_Worksheet_-_5Ws_Reading_Comprehension_Chart-_Modern_Treaties_and_Land_Claims.pdf PDF 94.3 KB Download