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Military History

Women in the Canadian Military Resource Kit

This guide includes activities that allow students to explore women’s military history in Canada. This guide does not present a comprehensive overview, but offers a selection of stories and perspectives that explore some women’s experiences in the Canadian military. These activities are best suited to students who have some contextual knowledge of the time periods and conflicts discussed. You may want to provide students with background information on conflicts relating to the activities. The...
Black History

Black History in Canada Education Guide and Worksheets

The Black History in Canada Education Guide is designed to enhance students’ awareness of and appreciation for the Black Canadian experience. It explores various aspects of the country’s Black history, including enslavement, migration and settlement, anti-Black racism, the Civil Rights Movement, and Black Canadian achievement and present-day experiences. The guide asks students to examine issues of identity, equality, equity, community, justice, and nation-building in historical and...
Black History

Canada History Week 2022: History of Arts, Culture, and Creators

This learning tool and digital magazine have been created to accompany Canada History Week’s three animated short videos. Canada History Week 2022 highlights stories of arts, culture, and creators in Canada. 

This learning tool has been created to provide context on and expand on the history of arts and culture in Canada. It was created to accompany the three short videos produced for Canada History Week 2022, featuring director and actor Rose Ouellette, known as La Poune, concert singer...
Military History
Secondary – Junior

How to Make an Oral History Podcast

This toolkit has been created to help you through the steps of creating an oral history podcast: how to conduct research, how to interview subjects, and how to incorporate an interview into a script that tells a story. It introduces activities, in-person or virtual, that guide students in planning their own podcast episodes. The toolkit focuses on interviewing a Memory Project speaker and incorporating their story into a podcast, and provides opportunities to showcase oral history as a...
Research and Writing

TCE Tips: A Guide to Essay Writing

The TCE Tips Guide to Essay Writing was created for students and educators. It includes four volumes which walk students through the process of writing an essay, and a fifth volume which serves as a pedagogical guide on teaching historical inquiry. Use these essay writing guides to help you through the process of creating a research essay, from research tips to structure to proper citation. View each guide by following the links below. 
Black History

Voting Rights in Canada Learning Tool - Citizenship Challenge

This guide is designed to give educators tools to help students think critically about the history of voting rights in Canada. The guide complements the Voting Rights in Canada: A Select Timeline video by expanding on featured timeline points and providing activities to help students explore the history of voting rights in more depth. While the education guide activities follow a chronological order, the lessons may be used in order or on their own.

Download the guide and worksheets below, or...

A History of Multiculturalism in Canada: Education Guide and Worksheets

This education guide examines some key moments and figures in our history as part of an introduction to multiculturalism in Canada. By learning the history of how multiculturalism has grown and been treated in Canada, we can better understand our society today.

Hundreds of Indigenous nations and cultures had long since been interacting and flourishing on the continent by the time European explorers first set foot in what we now call Canada. In the centuries since, settlers and immigrants from...
Indigenous History
Intermediate – Middle School

Canada History Week 2021: Indigenous History Learning Tool

This learning tool has been created to accompany the three short videos produced for Canada History Week 2021, featuring Inuk author Mitiarjuk Nappaaluk, Métis composer Pierre Falcon, and Squamish leader Chief Joe Capilano.

This learning tool was created in partnership between Historica Canada and the Canada History Fund and is designed to help students interact with this year’s Canada History Week theme of Indigenous history. The topics covered in this learning tool, the Canada History Week...
Indigenous History

Voices from Here Education Guide and Worksheets

This guide is a teacher resource containing several classroom activities that explore the stories shared in the Voices from Here series. Download the education guide and use the worksheets to complete activities in the Voices from Here education guide, based around the Voices from Here video series.

The nine-part Voices from Here video series shares stories from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis participants related to colonial policies, territories and treaties, languages, and Indigenous...
Women's History

Canada History Week 2020 Learning Tool: Environmental History

Watch the Canada History Week 2020 videos, highlighting stories of environment and climate in Canada's past. Use our accompanying learning tool to delve into the subject matter and bring this important topic into your classroom. View the flipping book and download the PDF here:
Military History

Remembrance Day in the Classroom: A Teacher Resource Kit

This toolkit has been created to help educate students about Remembrance Day. It introduces students to the importance of remembrance and provides guidance in planning a Remembrance Day event, whether in class or virtually. The central piece of the event is the participation of a Memory Project speaker. This toolkit encourages students and the public to reflect on what remembrance means to them, the history behind November 11, and the legacies of past wars and conflicts. It also provides...
Social History

Canada during COVID-19: A Living Archive - Junior and Senior Learning Tools

This resource provides guidance for educators and students interested in participating in the Canada during COVID-19 project. A project of Historica Canada, the Canada during COVID-19 Learning Tool encourages students to think more deeply about primary sources and the ways historians use them to uncover the past. Students will have the chance to develop a primary source of their own, based on their unique experiences and perspectives during the COVID-19 pandemic. Canada during COVID-19 offers...
Military History

Think Like a Historian: The Liberation of the Netherlands

The Think Like a Historian project is a series of videos and accompanying learning tools designed to help educators and students analyze and interpret primary sources. This edition of the series focuses on Canadian experiences in the aftermath of the liberation of the Netherlands.

Historica Canada has created these resources to help educators and students think critically about primary sources as they learn about this period in Canadian history. The resource consists of an education guide...
Elementary – Junior

Civics in the Classroom: Citizenship Challenge Elementary Education Guide

This education guide teaches students about key topics in Canadian civics. You can use the guide to learn about how the Canadian system of government works, your rights and responsibilities as Canadians, and how students can engage in active citizenship — for example, through stewardship of the natural environment. It also asks students to consider the enduring legacy of colonialism for Indigenous peoples in Canada and highlights the responsibilities of Canadians of all ages in the process of...

Showing 1 - 15 of 90 tools

Showing 1 - 10 of 16 collections

Milestones Education Guides

Explore these education guides, which were created as part of the Milestones Education Campaign.

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Sources Primaires

Une collection d'outils pédagogiques pour aider les éducateurs et les élèves dans l'analyse des sources primaires.

This collection contains 14 Learning Tools

Les femmes dans l'histoire

Une collection de guides pédagogiques explorant l'histoire des femmes au Canada.

This collection contains 13 Learning Tools

Women in History

A collection of learning tools focused on the roles of women in Canadian history.

This collection contains 21 Learning Tools

Primary Sources

A collection of learning tools designed to support educators and students in primary source analysis.

This collection contains 10 Learning Tools

Think Like a Historian: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Think Like a Historian series is a tool for educators and students to build skills to analyze and interpret primary sources. In this series, we look at Photographs, Newspapers, and Personal Letters from the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Pensez comme un historien : La bataille de la crête de Vimy

La série Pensez comme un historien est un outil pour les éducateurs et les étudiants pour développer des habiletés d’analyse et d’interprétation des sources primaires. Dans cette série, nous jetons un coup d’œil à des photographies, des journaux et

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Indigenous History

A collection of learning tools focused on Indigenous history in Canada.

This collection contains 20 Learning Tools

Showing 1 - 10 of 16 collections