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Voices from Here Education Guide and Worksheets

  • Indigenous History

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This guide is a teacher resource containing several classroom activities that explore the stories shared in the Voices from Here series. Download the education guide and use the worksheets to complete activities in the Voices from Here education guide, based around the Voices from Here video series.

The nine-part Voices from Here video series shares stories from First Nations, Inuit, and Métis participants related to colonial policies, territories and treaties, languages, and Indigenous knowledge. The stories in this series are part of a larger history that is often overlooked in curricula and
classroom settings. Voices from Here is an oral history project that shares the stories and experiences of Indigenous Peoples in Canada. Using oral histories and memories as educational resources can help build understanding and challenge traditional historical narratives. This guide is designed to move your class from comprehension to interpretation of oral histories; to encourage students to consider how colonialism affected Indigenous Peoples; and to explore how some learned to navigate their experiences.
View the guide and worksheets in Flipping Book format:

Watch the Voices from Here video series and download the video transcripts:

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