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Women in Canadian History Education Guide

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As we celebrate a century of women’s suffrage, it’s important to recognize that while this victory was a landmark achievement, social change and the push for equality weren’t born from, nor completed by, achieving the right to vote. Women in Canada have played a crucial role in the story of the past and how it shapes the present. Women’s history seeks to write women back into the parts of the narrative from which they have been omitted, with the goal of telling a more complete story.

Putting girls and women into social studies and history narratives begins with a recognition of their diversity, and students are encouraged to remember that the experiences of one woman or group are not representative of everyone, and many  stories remain untold. The complicated nature of recorded history, curricular requirements, and space limitations do not allow us to tell everyone’s stories, and we hope that teachers will share other perspectives, experiences, and stories.

Download the guided and worksheets below, or view them online at

This education guide is accompanied by a video series celebrating the achievements of three remarkable women who overcame adversity to create positive change in Canadian society. Watch their stories:

This guide was produced with the generous support of the Government of Canada.

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