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Black History Brochure

  • Black History
  • Intermediate – Middle School

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This social studies project has strong language arts and art connections. Students will design and produce a brochure to promote some aspect of Black history in Canada. Each student will focus on a historical figure, community, event, or institution which has made an important contribution to Canadian history.


• Listening to and analyzing information from various sources/media
• Discussing information and ideas with understanding and sensitivity
• Taking notes and highlighting key information to be used in the project
• Composing and editing relevant information
• Comparing information from different sources and different times
• Recomposing and summarizing information in the format of the brochure
• Adding art work to illustrate and enhance the brochure


Time Allowance:
To be completed during the month of February (Black History Month)


Students must first choose a topic which interests them. They will begin with a sheet of 8.5 x 11 paper folded into three equal parts. Directions will be given for the content of each panel. Each student will research their topic using all available resources. Videos, novels, newspapers and guest speakers are valuable resources to access, as well as websites on the Internet.

They may choose an important Black figure in Nova Scotia history, or an event or institution that has contributed significantly to the history of the province. Through this brochure students must demonstrate an understanding of the concept of the struggle that Black people have had throughout Western history. They must also demonstrate an understanding of the information relevant to their topic, and its place in history. A sensitivity to their topic should be demonstrated as students become familiar with the struggles of Black people over the years.

You will individually create an information brochure on an aspect of Black history in Canada. Your brochure will be made from a single, 8.5 x 11 sheet of paper. The sheet of paper will be folded into three equal parts, resulting in three panels on each side of the sheet.

The three inside panels will contain specific information as follows:

Left-hand panel: Background information

For example, this would include biographical information on an individual or historical background on a settlement or an institution.

Centre panel: Picture(s) and/or illustration(s)

Right-hand panel: A discussion of the major achievements or accomplishments of the individual or the importance of a particular community, institution, or event.

The three panels on the reverse side will contain the following information:

Left-hand panel: A hand-drawn illustration that symbolizes the contribution or significance of your chosen subject.

Centre panel: Identify yourself as the creator of this brochure.

Right-hand panel: Design an eye-catching cover/title page for your brochure. Make sure your cover page will grab the attention of potential readers