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Blast to the Past

  • Research and Writing
  • Intermediate – Middle School

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This is a culminating activity which will be done after teaching the Canadian History unit. Use this activity to have students research additional biographical information on an important Canadian historical figure. Students will be given time to use the library and computer lab to research and develop their multimedia presentation. Through this research, the students will learn the contributions their historical figure made to Canada.


Students will develop and demonstrate the following skills:

• Analysis
• Synthesis
• Research
• Writing
• Reading
• Oral
• Organizational
• Evaluation
• Technical Media skills
• Collaboration
• Cooperative Group work
• Dramatization/Representation


Time Allowance:
You will have 5 classes dedicated to research


1. Introduction: You are an investigative journalist who works on the news desk for the Canadian Broadcasting Corporation (CBC). Your editor has just informed you that the historical archives database suffered a security breach which has resulted in the loss of key biographical information on some of the most important figures in Canadian history from the period of exploration through to the beginning of Confederation (1500 – 1905 AD). CBC has acquired the technology to send individuals to the past for a short period of time not exceeding 24 hours. Your assignment is to choose an important historical figure and conduct an extensive interview that will be shown on the CBC’s new documentary series, “A Piece of Our Heritage”.

2. Development and Method: The teacher will demonstrate a mock interview outlining expectations and means by which the project will be accomplished. Instruct the students to use the internet, as well as resources from the library. Each resource will be different depending on who students choose as a famous Canadian historical figure.