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First World War Newspaper

  • Military History
  • Secondary – Junior

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Students create a newspaper, from a distinct perspective, that exemplifies an event of the First World War. This project can be modified to the Second World War. The full assignment is attached below.


Students will gain a greater understanding and appreciation of a specific aspect of the Great War. Students will gain competence is print presentation methods. Other goals can be added to this project to meet specific teacher's needs and curricular outcomes.


This project is a great way to introduce students (of many levels) to the realities of the Great War. As the format is flexible, this project could be used as an introductory activity to the war or as a culminating activity. Students will have the opportunity to explore and analyse many aspects of war.


Time Allowance:
Flexible: 3-6 hours


The procedures are in the attachment. Depending on the level of the students, teachers may want to add more required elements to the project. For example, students could add an editorial to the newspaper. This would give them the chance to show some of their own critical thinking on the topic. Also, students could add a tribute to a fallen soldier. This would give them a chance to do inquiry related to a specific soldier. Finally, teachers may want to give more instruction in some elements of the newspaper: for example, news article structure or editorials.


See Attachment

Required Materials:

See Attachment


There are no specific resources for this assignment. Students can be successful with access to their school library and the internet. Student textbooks, print, and online encyclopaedias can act as a good reference to select a topic.

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