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TimeLinks - Analysis of Historical Photographs

  • Research and Writing
  • Secondary – Junior

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This lesson is based on viewing historical photographs from the TimeLinks Image Archive. This website has a collection of over 2,000 images from Manitoba’s history. TimeLinks is concerned mainly with the decade from 1910 to 1920.


Students will learn how to interpret historical photographs. This will include identification of objects, persons and events. Students will consider the time, the place, and the purpose behind the photographs.


Time Allowance:
75 minutes


Try this activity with the whole class. The students will use their research skills to analyze at least 6 of the photographs on this site.

The students must be prepared to comment on each image. What does each image tell you as an historical document? Have students complete the worksheet included below.

After the students have had sufficient time to view the photographs and complete their analysis, take time to discuss the results with the class. Consider asking the students to do further research into the topics depicted by the photographs.

Please Note: The full collection of photographs on this web site is organized by subjects, which include things from Aboriginal Communities and Agriculture to the First World War. The photographs in this collection are from the Provincial Archives of Manitoba. If you live in the province of Manitoba, consider arranging a tour of the Archives in Winnipeg.


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