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Prime Ministers of Canada

  • Political History
  • Intermediate – Middle School

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The student will identify Canada’s Prime Ministers since Confederation and place the Prime Ministers along a time line. The student will report on important events in the life of a Prime Minister. The student will report a significant contribution that the Prime Minister has made to the development of Canada. The student will produce a piece of art/drama that has relevance to the life of the Prime Minister.


This is a researched based project. The students will use secondary sources to find biographical information of their chosen Prime Minister. They will attempt to become the political personality through written, oral and dramatic presentation. Their points of reference in research will be date of birth, family life, hobbies and interests, education, business, political careers. Communication between the Prime Ministers will conclude this Unit.


This Unit will lead to a study of modern Parliamentary structure and procedures and culminate in a mock election.


Time Allowance:
Dependent on depth of research desired


Identify Canada's Prime Ministers, place along a time line, and report significant detail about thier lives and politics. Student will present orally. This may be done in person, on video, or audio recording.

  • Large Group Overview
  • Independent Work: Each student will study an individual Prime Minister, finding the information necessary to fill out the Worksheet. 
  • Record Information in jot notes
  • Collect pictures, maps, clothing, props for presentation
  • Prepare assignment (report, maps, photos, videos, tape recording, interview, information, cube mobile, comic strip)
Students will make a presentation as well as handing in a written assignment. 


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