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Think Like a Historian: Vimy in Pictures

  • Military History
  • Intermediate – Middle School

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Canada at War, created by Historica Canada

To mark the centennial of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and help educators and students think critically about primary sources, Historica Canada has created the Think Like a Historian series of videos and worksheets.
Think Like a Historian: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

These worksheets accompany the video Think Like a Historian: Vimy in Pictures. This video explores the image commonly known as The Taking of Vimy Ridge.

To complete these worksheets, students may want to watch the videos more than once. Turning on the subtitles can help second language learners understand the content. Watch the video as a class at least twice before beginning the worksheets.

Visit to view all of the videos in the series and download additional free, bilingual educational resources. We hope this series will help you teach students how to analyze primary sources.

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