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Dialogue on Dieppe


Create a fictitious on-line discussion group between generals who were involved in the planning of The Dieppe Raid, 1942. Using a computer program, students will create a fictitious "Facebook" Discussion between the two leading Generals of The Dieppe Raid- Louis Mountbatten, Chief of Combined Operations, and Major-General J. H. Roberts, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.


To help students understand what factors -personal and political- motivate generals in times of war



Battles of the First World War: Research Project


Though our nation came together in 1867 due to numerous factors, both internal and external, many have argued that Canada floated along without a truly recognizable identity until the First World War. It was during this period in history and through blood and sacrifice at home and overseas that Canada forged itself into the nation we identify with today. The knowledge of our contributions throughout the course of the First World War is essential to the understanding of our national ‘...
Military History

A Tribute to all Canadian Veterans: "We Shall Never Forget"



This presentation would be on Remembrance Day.


1. Each of five students researches an individual who died in action in Europe and whose body is buried in a Commonwealth War Cemetery.

2. Each student prepares a written and illustrated presentation on his/her chosen individual who was lost in action in Europe. They will use PowerPoint for the illustration, and a written document to be read at the assembly while the PowerPoint is being...

Remembrance: Understanding Canadian History Through Literature


A book club novel study for senior academic English and/or History students focusing on Canada’s role – at home and abroad - in the two world wars.


The purposes of this unit are to allow students:

  • to share, with a small group of peers, their experience with a Canadian war novel
  • to learn how literature serves as a valuable expression and record of history
  • to recognize and express how literature presents the stories of Canada differently from historic records or history texts
  • to...
Military History

Technology in World War One: Arms Auction


This lesson introduces technology used in World War One in an interactive and fun way. Students will learn what weapons were important in trench warfare.


Students will work collaboratively to identify and "acquire" weapons they think would have been most effective.


This lesson is normally presented after the students have been introduced to the causes of World War One. However, the actual conditions of trench warfare have not been discussed - their choices in the...

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