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Dialogue on Dieppe

  • Military History
  • Secondary – Junior

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Create a fictitious on-line discussion group between generals who were involved in the planning of The Dieppe Raid, 1942. Using a computer program, students will create a fictitious "Facebook" Discussion between the two leading Generals of The Dieppe Raid- Louis Mountbatten, Chief of Combined Operations, and Major-General J. H. Roberts, 2nd Canadian Infantry Division.


To help students understand what factors -personal and political- motivate generals in times of war


The Dieppe Raid is viewed by some historians as a complete disaster and by others as a training ground for the successful D-Day landing two years later. While close to 60% of the Canadians involved in the raid were killed, wounded, or captured, the sacrifices made by these soldiers provided many invaluable lessons for the finally D-Day landing. It is important to remember and honour this heroic endeavour; the soldiers did not die in vain.


Time Allowance:
4-45 minute classes


Using the computer program of their choice (Microsoft Publish or Powerpoint, Photoshop, Prezi, etc.), students create a "Facebook" discussion between the two leading generals of the Dieppe Raid, General Mountbatten and General J.H. Roberts. Part I of their "facebook" should include a Profile of the two generals, including such points as: place of birth education, military background, age, family background. This page should have a photo of the general. Students should also include a hypothetical personal profile of their political views, their interests/hobbies, favourite quotes, favourite books/films. Here students will have to deduce from their research a personal profile of each general. Part II of their "facebook" will be a discussion board between the generals outlining their thoughts and feelings before the raid, during the raid, and after the raid.


Content: Clear, concise, interesting and informative 
Research: thorough, diverse 
Presentation: well-organized, well-structured

Required Materials:

Computer with internet access.


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