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Elementary – Primary
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Here's My Canada Timeline

In 2017, Canada turns 150! In marking Canada’s sesquicentennial, Historica Canada is highlighting 50 events that have helped shape our country since Confederation. At the same time, it is important to note that that the human history of what is now known as Canada began well before 1867. Indigenous peoples lived on this land long before European contact, and have histories that significantly predate modern Canada. We can look back upon many proud moments in our history, but must also examine...
Intermediate – Middle School
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The Canadian Encyclopedia Teacher Guide

The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Canadian Encyclopedia is a free, bilingual resource of over 20,000 fact-checked articles and learning tools about Canada's history and culture. The Canadian Encyclopedia has hundreds of resources for teachers including timelines, quizzes and education guides covering provincial and territorial curriculum topics for social sciences & history, Indigenous studies, geography & sciences, civics and more. Visit
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Canadian Military Innovations Learning Tool

The Memory Project, an initiative of Historica Canada, gives veterans and current Canadian Forces members the opportunity to share their stories of military service through its online archive and volunteer speakers bureau.

Drawing on the work of the Historical Thinking Project (, this learning tool encourages students to make connections between important Canadian military innovations throughout history and the impact of these innovations on society. Students will...

First World War Arms and Technology Auction


This lesson introduces technology used in the First World War in an interactive and fun way. Students will learn what weapons were important in trench warfare.


Students will work collaboratively to identify and "acquire" weapons they think would have been most effective.


This lesson is normally presented after the students have been introduced to the causes of the First World War. However, the actual conditions of trench warfare have not been discussed - their choices...

Joseph Tyrrell


This lesson is based on viewing the J.B Tyrrell biography from The Canadians series. Tyrrell was an important geological surveyor for the Canadian government in the late nineteenth century. Among his many achievements, he mapped the North, discovered coal, and the remains of what became known as the Albertasaurus.


Although there is now a museum in Tyrrell's honour, he was not recognized for his achievements in his lifetime. Students will research Tyrrell's achievements,...

History is not Dead: Historical Context Lesson Plan Template


“What's the point of studying that? That's the past. That has nothing to do with my life.” Students often speak of history as a dead subject, a collection of past events with no bearing on the present and even less on the future. This lesson intends to engage students in historical thinking: consider significance, analyze evidence, assess continuity and change, examine cause and consequence, consider historical perspective and form moral judgment. Ultimately, they will produce their...

Fishing Boat BCP 45


In this lesson, students will sort and categorize various Canadian coins, noting the type of information recorded on the fronts and backs and speculating on the significance of the portrayed events, people or developments. Using the Royal Canadian Mint’s timeline, they will examine a number of historical Canadian coins, determining with a partner the three most historically significant designs. They will use their selections to define the concept of historical significance.


Defining Moments in Canadian History


An exploration of the events that have shaped Canada and Canadians.


In this three-part lesson, students will understand the concept of "defining moments" by identifying these moments in their own lives. Then, they will use this understanding to identify key moments in the history and development of Canada.


Time Allowance:
2 - 3 hours


Performance One: Defining Moments


1. (Knowledge/Understanding)

The teacher explains that as each of the students in...

Joseph Casavant


This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute, "Joseph Casavant." From the first organ that he built in 1840, Joseph Casavant established himself – and his Company, Casavant Frères – as one of the leading pipe organ builders in Canada.


Students will study the kinds of music that are important to different generations, cultures, and religious groups. They will also consider the role and history of various handmade crafts.

Using the "Casavant" Minute as the starting point,...
Science & Technology



This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute, "Marconi." On December 12, 1901, Guglielmo Marconi proved that wireless communication was possible when he sent a radio wave from England to Newfoundland.


Marconi's experiment led to the development of radio. Students will speculate about the impact that radio and other communications technologies have had on the modern world.

Since Marconi's experiment in communications, there have been huge advances in mass media. This...

Lucille Teasdale


This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute: "Lucille Teasdale." Teasdale was one of Canada's first female surgeons. For thirty-five years she operated a medical clinic in Uganda, where she personally treated over 13,000 patients.


Students will focus on the life and work of Lucille Teasdale as they create a timeline of important Canadian women in the twentieth Century.

Students will build upon their understanding of Lucille Teasdale's life and work to produce a series of...

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