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Intermediate – Middle School
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Indigenous Peoples and Twentieth-Century Canadian Military History

This list of resources has been compiled to further students’ knowledge of Indigenous contributions to Canadian military history. Students can read and listen to the articles and testimonies to learn more about the reasons Indigenous people joined the Canadian military, their achievements and challenges while serving, and their experiences following their service.

Teachers are encouraged to preview the testimonies before assigning them, as stories of war often include graphic content.

Forgotten Soldiers


Aboriginal people sacrificed much during the two World Wars, both at home and in Europe, all the while they weren’t considered “people” in the eyes of Canadian law. Students will explore the issues facing Aboriginal people during the Great War and the Second World War and collaborate to create a PowerPoint or PhotoStory presentation for the school Remembrance Day Assembly.


It is expected that the student will:

- apply critical thinking (including questioning, comparing,...

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