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Louis Cyr


This lesson is based on viewing the Louis Cyr biography from The Canadians series. At the end of the nineteenth century, Louis Cyr - the strong man from Canada - was arguably the best-known Canadian in the world, but an unhealthy lifestyle resulted in his early death at age 49 from overeating.


In a variety of activities, students will consider the life and accomplishments of Louis Cyr within historical context and in relationship to other athletes. Cyr's story also provides an...



Students will research important sporting events in Canadian history and assess their historical significance. The real value of this lesson comes from having students assess the historical value of each sporting event, team, or athlete based on Historical Significance.


To have the students assess sporting events, teams and athletes on the basis of the historical significance.


Sports are an integral part of our culture and are becoming more so each year. Canada has a...

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