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Here's My Canada Timeline

In 2017, Canada turns 150! In marking Canada’s sesquicentennial, Historica Canada is highlighting 50 events that have helped shape our country since Confederation. At the same time, it is important to note that that the human history of what is now known as Canada began well before 1867. Indigenous peoples lived on this land long before European contact, and have histories that significantly predate modern Canada. We can look back upon many proud moments in our history, but must also examine...
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Historica Canada

Indigenous Arts & Stories Teacher's Kit

This learning tool is intended to help teachers support their students in the Indigenous Arts & Stories competition (formerly known as Aboriginal Arts & Stories). Using this guide, educators can assist Indigenous youth with the creative process of developing their art and writing. It offers suggestions for dealing with sensitive issues, for motivating Indigenous students, and for encouraging youth to reflect on culture, identity and expression.

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ACCENT on Heritage redirects you, so open it in a new tab to keep the Education Portal open.)

An interactive bilingual platform centered on cultural and historical aspects of Alberta’s Francophone heritage.
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Mi'kmaq Storytelling


To have students demonstrate an understanding of the importance of oral tradition and beliefs in early Mi'kmaq society.


To have students create their own belief story and petroglyph.


As part of the social studies curriculum students should develop an understanding of the traditional ways of life and beliefs of the Mi'kmaq. They will work to create a story that might be told by the early Mi'kmaq people in order to gain a greater understanding of the importance of the...

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