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Women in the Canadian Military Resource Kit

This guide includes activities that allow students to explore women’s military history in Canada. This guide does not present a comprehensive overview, but offers a selection of stories and perspectives that explore some women’s experiences in the Canadian military. These activities are best suited to students who have some contextual knowledge of the time periods and conflicts discussed. You may want to provide students with background information on conflicts relating to the activities. The...
Histoire des femmes

A Letter from a Woman in the Second World War


Students will use primary source evidence in order to take on historical perspectives related to women in war. This lesson is intended to be an activating experience for a unit on the Second World War. The lesson procedure assumes that students have prior experience using primary source evidence (e.g., know how to read and interpret documents) and an understanding of the six historical concepts, in particular the ability to take historical perspectives.


1. To engage in an...

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