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Canada 1867-1918

  • Post-Confederation
  • Secondary – Junior

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Students will be given the opportunity to either complete the research project on their own, or in groups of up to five people. They will be assigned a single research topic, and will have to look at the changes which occurred in that topic area in the time from 1867 to 1918 (with the exception of the First World War specific topics). They will present their findings to the class at the end of the four week work period. Their presentation will have an oral, visual, and written component. The minimum presentation time will be fifteen minutes. They will have access to the computer lab in order to complete research, as well as prepare their final presentation.


Students will:

• Analyse and describe the factors contributing to the changes in Canadian society from 1867 to 1918
• Use appropriate vocabulary to describe their inquiries
• Locate relevant information 
• Analyse, synthesize and evaluate historical information
• Communicate the results of inquiries for specific purposes and audiences, using a variety of presentation methods


Students will be allowed to “Become the Teacher.” They must cover a topic, orally present the material (“tell a story”), utilize some form of media (presentation to accompany Oral and Visual component of the English curriculum), and create an accompanying “study note” for their fellow students.

Overall Expectations:

• Demonstrate an understanding of how diverse groups and individuals have contributed to the historical, cultural and economic development of Canada
• Analyse and describe the conflicts and changes involving Canadians from Confederation to 1918
• Demonstrate an understanding of the impact of the First World War on Canada and the world community


Time Allowance:
4 weeks - 3 hours of class time per week.

NOTE - there is an expectation that portions of the project will have to be completed at home, as well.


Provide students with the following handout and rubrics. Spend some time discussing expectations, timelines, accessible resources, etc. Give students an opportunity to ask questions about the project, and then provide time for forming groups.

Canada 1867-1918 Handout

Canada 1867-1918 Rubrics

Topics for research are as follows:

• Labour – Rise of unions, working conditions, etc.
• Urbanization – Agriculture, improved crops, mechanization, etc.
• Politics – Prime Ministers, major legislation, scandals, uprisings/rebellions, etc.
• Technology – Inventions, changes in agricultural technology, mechanization, etc.
• Immigration – Source of immigrants, numbers, policies, Clifford Sifton, etc.
• Indigenous Relations – Indian Act 1876, treaties, the role of churches, residential schools, etc.
• Child’s Role – Child labour, school year set up, mandatory attendance, birthrates, etc.
• Women’s Rights – Suffragettes, women at work and in the home, the right to vote, etc.
• World War I – Canada’s role, famous Canadians, battles involving Canadians, etc.
• World War I – Effects on Canada and the World
• Transportation – Transcontinental railway, shipping changes, exports, etc.


Material resources:
Canadian History Textbook
Computer Lab with Internet Connection

Human resources:
Teacher Librarian – controls both book access, as well as the computer lab schedule
Parents – assist in work periods at home

Clarification from Office regarding photocopying student notes, etc.

The Canadian Encyclopedia

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