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Aboriginal Arts & Stories: Senior Art Teacher's Guide

  • Indigenous History

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The Senior Art learning tool provides interactive classroom activities that aid in the research and creative process, as well as encourage critical thinking. The guide outlines four projects that explore cultural significance and personal awareness.

Tapping into the creative energy of Indigenous youth is of the utmost importance in the maintenance and nurturing of Indigenous arts, and to provide youth a means to reinterpret customs with fresh trends and insights. Aboriginal Arts & Stories provides an opportunity for Indigenous youth to explore heritage and culture by reflecting upon meaningful cultural elements, and encourages them to transform their stories and visions into a personal and original form of art. 

Your entry into the Aboriginal Arts & Stories competition must include a 200-400 word artist's statement that explains how your piece explores Indigenous heritage and culture and tells us a little about yourself. The prompts in the Artist’s Statement section are guidelines; you may choose to express yourself differently. You may enter online at or by mail.

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