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  • Black History
  • Secondary – Senior
We want to hear from you! The Here’s My Canada contest is multilingual, nation-wide and invites Canadians to express what their country means to them in a 30-second video. For more details, visit 

This learning tool is designed for senior students from grades 9–12, and secondary III–V in Québec. 
It provides discussion topics and educational activities to help you create your submission to the Here’s My Canada contest. 

Here’s My Canada is a Canada 150 Signature Initiative, and a project of Historica Canada, the country’s largest organization dedicated to enhancing awareness of Canada’s history and citizenship. For more information, visit

This Learning Tool is accompanied by a timeline marking 50 important events in Canada's history. We encourage teachers and students to use this timeline in conjunction with the Here’s My Canada learning tools to create a more complete picture of what Canada means to us today. We hope it will help to provide guidance for your 30-second video submissions to the Here’s My Canada contest. Although we make reference to “Canadians” throughout this learning tool, we encourage video submissions from anyone living in Canada, as well as citizens at home and abroad!

In 2017, Canada turns 150! In marking Canada’s sesquicentennial, Historica Canada is highlighting 50 events that have helped shape our country since Confederation. At the same time, it is important to note that that the human history of what is now known as Canada began well before 1867. Indigenous peoples lived on this land long before European contact, and have histories that significantly predate modern Canada. We can look back upon many proud moments in our history, but must also examine many critically. 

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

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Supporting documents for this Learning Tool