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Vimy 100 History Lens Tool Kit

  • Military History
  • Intermediate – Middle School
The Vimy 100 History Lens Tool Kit is designed to help educators and 
students deepen their knowledge and think critically about the Battle of 
Vimy Ridge on the anniversary of its centennial. Students and teachers are 
asked to reflect on the importance of Vimy Ridge to Canada’s historical 
narrative, and what it means to Canada today. This learning tool includes 
activities to prepare students for their trip to Vimy, to engage students 
while in France, and to reflect on their visit to Vimy after returning. 

Developed in line with the pedagogical concepts created by Dr. Peter 
Seixas and the Historical Thinking Project, this tool kit complements 
Canadian middle-school and high-school curricula. This tool kit has 
been created by Historica Canada, the country’s largest organization 
dedicated to enhancing awareness of Canada’s history. 

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

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Supporting documents for this Learning Tool