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Bring the Battle of Vimy Ridge to your class this year with the Vimy Foundation’s online educational resource Vimy 100 in the Classroom!

This free, fully accessible, bilingual resource has been designed for high school students across Canada and includes lesson plans, resources, and activities for use in a variety of classes.

Your students will be able to interpret Canada’s role in the First World War, as well as the significance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Canadian National Vimy Memorial; setting these events within the contexts of the formation of Canada as a country, Canadian nationalism, and citizenship.

The Vimy 100 in the Classroom program encourages students to actively consider the war, and to discuss difficult questions, like the relationship between nationalism and war, in the form of debates, data collection, art, and mini research projects.

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

File type File size Action
Vimy_100_-_Art_and_the_First_World_War.pdf PDF 617 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Conscientious_Objectors_and_Pacifists.pdf PDF 707 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Debate_-_Was_a_Nation_Born_on_a_Battlefield.pdf PDF 535 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Geography_Meets_History.pdf PDF 559 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Photography_and_the_First_World_War.pdf PDF 477 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Quotations_Analysis.pdf PDF 555 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Stories_from_Vimy.pdf PDF 437 KB Download
Vimy_100_-_Vimy_as_a_Symbol_(Vimy_Memorial).pdf PDF 653 KB Download