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Military History


Bring the Battle of Vimy Ridge to your class this year with the Vimy Foundation’s online educational resource Vimy 100 in the Classroom!

This free, fully accessible, bilingual resource has been designed for high school students across Canada and includes lesson plans, resources, and activities for use in a variety of classes.

Your students will be able to interpret Canada’s role in the First World War, as well as the significance of the Battle of Vimy Ridge and the Canadian National Vimy...

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Sources Primaires

Une collection d'outils pédagogiques pour aider les éducateurs et les élèves dans l'analyse des sources primaires.

This collection contains 14 Learning Tools

Les femmes dans l'histoire

Une collection de guides pédagogiques explorant l'histoire des femmes au Canada.

This collection contains 13 Learning Tools

Women in History

A collection of learning tools focused on the roles of women in Canadian history.

This collection contains 20 Learning Tools

Primary Sources

A collection of learning tools designed to support educators and students in primary source analysis.

This collection contains 9 Learning Tools

Think Like a Historian: The Battle of Vimy Ridge

The Think Like a Historian series is a tool for educators and students to build skills to analyze and interpret primary sources. In this series, we look at Photographs, Newspapers, and Personal Letters from the Battle of Vimy Ridge.

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Pensez comme un historien : La bataille de la crête de Vimy

La série Pensez comme un historien est un outil pour les éducateurs et les étudiants pour développer des habiletés d’analyse et d’interprétation des sources primaires. Dans cette série, nous jetons un coup d’œil à des photographies, des journaux et

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Indigenous History

A collection of learning tools focused on Indigenous history in Canada.

This collection contains 18 Learning Tools

Canada 150

Collection de resources pour le cent cinquatenaire du Canada.

This collection contains 2 Learning Tools

Showing 1 - 10 of 14 collections