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Official Languages Act Worksheets

  • Political History
These worksheets accompany the Official Languages Act Education Guide, which introduces the Official Languages Act and the history of language policy in Canada. Use the worksheets to accompany the activities in the guide.

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

File type File size Action
Activity_1_-_Historical_Language_Relations.pdf PDF 752 KB Download
Activity_3_-_Spotlight_on_the_Schools_Questions_(2).pdf PDF 750 KB Download
Activity_4_-_Analyzing_Language_Relations_through_Cartoons.pdf PDF 1.19 MB Download
Activity_7_-_The_Official_Languages_Act_Perspectives.pdf PDF 2.37 MB Download
Activity_8_-_Was_the_B_B_Commission_Successful.pdf PDF 1.44 MB Download
Activity_11_-_Commemorating_the_OLA.pdf PDF 760 KB Download
Official_Languages_Act_Worksheets_Package.pdf PDF 3.56 MB Download
Official_Languages_Act_Education_Guide_FINAL_PAGES.pdf PDF 5.07 MB Download
Official_Languages_Act_Education_Guide_2_page_spread_FINAL.pdf PDF 5.04 MB Download