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Critical Digital Literacy Worksheets

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Use these worksheets to support Historica Canada's Critical Digital Literacy Education Guide, which aims to give students of any age the skills to assess the content, quality, and consistency of what we read, see, and hear through the media today. We invite you to use this guide to empower students to examine the everyday media they consume with a critical eye and greater confidence.

The guide and the accompanying worksheets are intended to provide a framework that readers can use to weigh the sources, facts, and opinions that bombard them every day. Drawing on historical examples of disinformation, we provide a media literacy framework for addressing 21st-century media. 

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

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Worksheets_-_Critical_Digital_Literacy.pdf PDF 5.09 MB Download
Critical_Digital_Literacy_Guide_EN_FINAL_digital.pdf PDF 3.78 MB Download