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Canada Past and Present: A Citizenship Education Guide

  • Citizenship
This education guide is meant to be used by newcomer students on the path to citizenship. It can also be used by any student wishing to learn more about Canada, in any history or social studies classroom. This guide covers topics found on the Government of Canada’s citizenship test, exploring testable content more in-depth to help readers put the information in context. The guide invites students to deepen their knowledge of Canada’s past and present in order to gain a fuller understanding of the country.

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

File type File size Action
Citizenship_Guide_Worksheets_Finals.pdf PDF 2.99 MB Download
Citizenship_Guide_Worksheets_Answer_Key_Final.pdf PDF 254 KB Download
ENG_Citizenship_Challenge_Guide_Print.pdf PDF 27.4 MB Download
Canada Past and Present Education Guide_Digital PDF 13.7 MB Download