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Civics in the Classroom: Citizenship Challenge Elementary Education Guide

  • Citizenship
  • Elementary – Junior
This education guide teaches students about key topics in Canadian civics. You can use the guide to learn about how the Canadian system of government works, your rights and responsibilities as Canadians, and how students can engage in active citizenship — for example, through stewardship of the natural environment. It also asks students to consider the enduring legacy of colonialism for Indigenous peoples in Canada and highlights the responsibilities of Canadians of all ages in the process of reconciliation. The guide also encourages students to understand that they can create positive change in society by becoming active citizens. 

The guide is meant to give teachers the tools to help students think critically about topics in Canadian civics and engage with civics education more deeply. This guide complements provincial and territorial curricula for grades 4–6 history and social studies units and is meant to help prepare students for the Citizenship Challenge, a mock quiz based on the test taken by those seeking a path to citizenship. 

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Supporting documents for this Learning Tool