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Kit Blake Coleman


This lesson is based on viewing the Kit Blake Coleman biography from The Canadiansseries. Coleman’s twenty-five year career helped carve a new niche for women in journalism.


The life and career of Kit Coleman will provide students with a starting point to learn about a variety of themes and topics. In several research and writing activities, students will learn about the historic events that Coleman reported on, the history of women and work, and the field of journalism.


Canada 1867-1918


Students will be given the opportunity to either complete the research project on their own, or in groups of up to five people. They will be assigned a single research topic, and will have to look at the changes which occurred in that topic area in the time from 1867 to 1918 (with the exception of the First World War specific topics). They will present their findings to the class at the end of the four week work period. Their presentation will have an oral, visual, and written...

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