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Intermediate – Middle School
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The Canadian Encyclopedia Teacher Guide

The Canadian Encyclopedia

The Canadian Encyclopedia is a free, bilingual resource of over 20,000 fact-checked articles and learning tools about Canada's history and culture. The Canadian Encyclopedia has hundreds of resources for teachers including timelines, quizzes and education guides covering provincial and territorial curriculum topics for social sciences & history, Indigenous studies, geography & sciences, civics and more. Visit
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We want to hear from you! The Here’s My Canada contest is multilingual, nation-wide and invites Canadians to express what their country means to them in a 30-second video. For more details, visit

This learning tool is designed for senior students from grades 9–12, and secondary III–V in Québec.
It provides discussion topics and educational activities to help you create your submission to the Here’s My Canada contest.

Here’s My Canada is a Canada 150 Signature Initiative, and a...

George "Buzz" Beurling


This lesson is based on viewing the "Buzz" Beurling biography from The Canadians series. Discover the life of this Second World War Canadian Ace fighter pilot and the controversy surrounding his death.


The story of George "Buzz" Beurling, brings insight to several Second World War themes. In a variety of activities, students will explore Canada's participation in the war effort, life on the front, war propaganda, and adjusting to civilian life.


There has always been a...

Cariboo Trail


In this lesson, students will begin by examining the concepts of cause and consequence of a well-known local or provincial issue. They will investigate the causes leading up to Governor James Douglas’ decision to finance the building of the Cariboo Road and explore the intended and unintended political and economic consequences resulting from the decision. Finally, imagining themselves in the role of Douglas, students will prepare a written or oral brief arguing the ramifications to...

Canadian National Railway


In this lesson, students will correlate historical information of the evolution of the Canadian National Railway from its conception to today. Within their research, the students will identify factors that have had an impact on the CN’s development, both positively and negatively. Students will explore and determine whether these factors that have effected change over time can be classified as having contributed to progress or decline in the development of the Canadian National’s...

Marshall McLuhan


This lesson is based on viewing the Heritage Minute, "Marshall McLuhan." McLuhan was a Canadian professor of English literature and media guru in the 1960's. He played an important role in the development of contemporary communications theory.


The McLuhan Minute is an excellent way to introduce students to media studies. By studying advertising techniques and creating ads of their own, students will start thinking about the effects of media in their lives.

Public communications...

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