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Research and Writing
Intermediate – Middle School

Compiling a Bibliography

A bibliography is a list of sources that you consulted in order to complete your project. If possible, it should include a variety of sources, such as websites or books and even newspapers or magazines.
The bibliography always comes at the end of the project and on a separate sheet of paper.
Military History
Secondary – Junior

A Guide to Primary Sources Using the Memory Project

This learning tool uses The Memory Project website,, to challenge students to rethink what it means to study history by using primary source analysis. The Veteran Stories and Image Gallery sections of the website contain a wide range of primary documents. The exercises in this guide invite students to develop their ability to analyze primary documents and other historical resources.
Military History
Secondary – Junior

First World War Education Guide

The First World War, often called “the Great War,” was a global conflict that divided many of the world’s nations into two opposing camps, called the Allies (originally the Triple Entente) and the Central Powers. From 1914 through the end of hostilities in 1918, more countries joined the conflict out of necessity or opportunism, including Japan, the United States and the Ottoman Empire.

The war had disastrous consequences for many Canadian individuals, families and communities: approximately...

Showing 91 - 93 of 93 tools

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Canada 150

Collection de resources pour le cent cinquatenaire du Canada.

This collection contains 2 Learning Tools

Canada en guerre

Ces outils d’apprentissage explorent les thèmes de la commémoration et du souvenir et leur lien avec la Première et la Deuxième Guerre mondiale.

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Canada at War

Explore the themes of commemoration and remembrance as they relate to the First and Second World Wars.

This collection contains 13 Learning Tools

Essay Writing Resources

This collections contains printable sheets for students about each step in the essay writing process.

This collection contains 6 Learning Tools

The War of 1812

This Collection highlights Learning Tools related to the War of 1812

This collection contains 4 Learning Tools

Showing 11 - 16 of 16 collections