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If These Walls Could Talk: History as a lens to the past

  • Histoire des peuples autochtones
  • Intermédiaire

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During this unit of study, students will explore the individuals who made significant contributions to our history and the Canadian identity. This project could also be completed using provincial histories and identities.

 The students will research Indigenous peoples and past explorers using multi-media (online resources and informational texts). They are expected to use this research to make a wall of a related structure, create a voice of the structure and present that to the class. The walls will become a part of the ongoing permanent class display.


1. The student will be expected to demonstrate an understanding of Indigenous Peoples as well as early explorers and settlers. 
2. The student will gain an appreciation for their heritage along with respect for diverse cultures. 
3. The student will demonstrate growth during a cooperative learning module. 
4. The student will demonstrate writing/research/oral skills during this cross-curricular project. 

Time Allowance:

Two weeks, with lessons integrated across the curriculum (Social Studies/Language Arts/ Art)
See below for attachments containing full assignment outline (for teachers and students) and rubrics.


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