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Citizenship Challenge - ESL Learning Tool and Worksheets

  • Citizenship
  • ESL

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The Citizenship Challenge ESL Lesson Plans and Worksheets are educational resources for English as a Second Language teachers, group leaders and individuals to help them prepare for Historica Canada's Citizenship Challenge, a national contest that asks students to take a mock citizenship exam.

Teachers and group leaders, register to access the answer keys.

Note: Although the ESL Lesson Plans and Worksheets refer to the Discover Canada guide, it is not necessary for educators to obtain or use the Discover Canada guide to complete the activities.

Download the
Discover Canada guide for free here.

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

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ESL_Canadian_Symbols_Worksheet.pdf PDF 329 KB Download
ESL_Learning_Tool.pdf PDF 2.54 MB Download
ESL_Modern_Canada_Worksheet.pdf PDF 324 KB Download
ESL_Rights_and_Responsibilities_Worksheet.pdf PDF 307 KB Download
ESL_Who_We_Are_Worksheet.pdf PDF 421 KB Download