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Think Like a Historian: The Last Hundred Days Worksheets Package

  • Military History
These worksheets are designed to accompany the Think Like a Historian: The Last Hundred Days Education Guide and Video Series. Download the worksheets as a package or in individual activities below.

This series invites students to deepen their understanding of the Last Hundred Days and its larger historical context and impact through primary source analysis. Analyzing primary sources offers students an opportunity to explore historical events from the perspective of those who lived them. 

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

File type File size Action
Think_Like_a_Historian_-_Last_100_Days_Worksheets_Package_EN_Final.pdf PDF 7.43 MB Download
Activity_1_Worksheet_-_TLAH_Last_Hundred_Days.pdf PDF 72.2 KB Download
Activity_3_Worksheet_-_TLAH_Last_Hundred_Days.pdf PDF 885 KB Download
Activity_4_Worksheet_-_TLAH_Last_Hundred_Days.pdf PDF 1.11 MB Download
Activity_5_Worksheet_-_TLAH_Last_Hundred_Days.pdf PDF 4.59 MB Download
Activity_6_Worksheet_-_TLAH_Last_Hundred_Days.pdf PDF 70.9 KB Download
Primary_Source_Pyramid.pdf PDF 2.23 MB Download