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Voting Rights in Canada Learning Tool - Citizenship Challenge

This guide is designed to give educators tools to help students think critically about the history of voting rights in Canada. The guide complements the Voting Rights in Canada: A Select Timeline video by expanding on featured timeline points and providing activities to help students explore the history of voting rights in more depth. While the education guide activities follow a chronological order, the lessons may be used in order or on their own.

Download the guide and worksheets below, or...
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Model Citizenship Ceremony Toolkit

This Model Citizenship Ceremony Toolkit is a step-by-step guide for anyone who is organizing a citizenship reaffirmation ceremony and includes everything that is needed to run a ceremony. The toolkit is also intended to help prepare newcomers for their upcoming citizenship ceremonies, as well as provide teachers and organizers with the tools to stage their own citizenship events. The toolkit includes extended learning activities on the historical, legal, and cultural contexts of the...
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Worksheets for the Citizenship Challenge Civics Education Guide

These worksheets have been created to accompany the Citizenship Challenge Civics Education Guide. The education guide focuses on key topics in Canadian civics, with activities built to inform readers about how the Canadian governmental system works, and their rights and responsibilities as Canadian citizens.

Scroll down to find a link to download the worksheets. This package includes worksheets for Activity 3: Your Cabinet, and Activity 5: Shipwrecked on an Island Graphic Organizer.

Political History

Prime Ministers of Canada


The student will identify Canada’s Prime Ministers since Confederation and place the Prime Ministers along a time line. The student will report on important events in the life of a Prime Minister. The student will report a significant contribution that the Prime Minister has made to the development of Canada. The student will produce a piece of art/drama that has relevance to the life of the Prime Minister.


This is a researched based project. The students will use secondary...

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