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Women in Canadian History - Supplementary Worksheets

  • Military History
Use these worksheets to support the activities in Historica Canada's Women in Canadian History Education Guide.

Scroll down to find links to download each worksheets, either as a complete set or individually.
Activity worksheets include:

Activity 1 - Museum Panel Graphic Organizer
Activity 2 - Women and Work
Activity 6 - Women and labour in the Great Depression
Activity 7 - Second World War Posters
Activity 9 - Women and the Quiet Revolution 
Activity 10 - The Royal Commission on the Status of Women in Canada
Activity 15 - Writing a Research Essay

Supporting documents for this Learning Tool

File type File size Action
Activity_1_-_Museum_Panel_Graphic_Organizer_Worksheet.pdf PDF 993 KB Download
Activity_2_-_Women_and_Work_Worksheets.pdf PDF 3.77 MB Download
Activity_6_-_Women_in_the_Great_Depression_Worksheet.pdf PDF 3.66 MB Download
Activity_7_-_Second_World_War_Posters_Worksheet.pdf PDF 3.51 MB Download
Activity_9_-_Women_and_the_Quiet_Revolution_Worksheet.pdf PDF 918 KB Download
Activity_10_-_Royal_Commission_on_the_Status_of_Women_Worksheet.pdf PDF 984 KB Download
Activity_15_-_Writing_a_Research_Essay_Worksheet.pdf PDF 2.06 MB Download
Women_in_Canadian_History_Worksheets_(complete_set).pdf PDF 9.81 MB Download