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Black History

Black History in Canada Education Guide

The purpose of this Guide is to enhance your students' knowledge and appreciation of the Black Canadian experience, drawing from Lawrence Hill's award-winning historical fiction, The Book of...

Women in Canadian History Education Guide

As we celebrate a century of women’s suffrage, it’s important to recognize that while this victory was a landmark achievement, social change and the push for equality weren’t born from, nor...

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Historica Canada

Canada History Week 2022: History of Arts, Culture, and Creators

This learning tool and digital magazine have been created to accompany Canada History Week’s three animated short videos. Canada History Week 2022 highlights stories of arts, culture, and creators in Canada.

This learning tool has been created to provide context on and expand on the history of arts and culture in Canada. It was created to accompany the three short videos produced for Canada History Week 2022, featuring director and actor Rose Ouellette, known as La Poune, concert singer...
Secondary – Junior
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Historica Canada

How to Make an Oral History Podcast

This toolkit has been created to help you through the steps of creating an oral history podcast: how to conduct research, how to interview subjects, and how to incorporate an interview into a script that tells a story. It introduces activities, in-person or virtual, that guide students in planning their own podcast episodes. The toolkit focuses on interviewing a Memory Project speaker and incorporating their story into a podcast, and provides opportunities to showcase oral history as a...
Research and Writing
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Historica Canada

TCE Tips: A Guide to Essay Writing

The TCE Tips Guide to Essay Writing was created for students and educators. It includes four volumes which walk students through the process of writing an essay, and a fifth volume which serves as a pedagogical guide on teaching historical inquiry. Use these essay writing guides to help you through the process of creating a research essay, from research tips to structure to proper citation. View each guide by following the links below.
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Historica Canada

Voting Rights in Canada Learning Tool - Citizenship Challenge

This guide is designed to give educators tools to help students think critically about the history of voting rights in Canada. The guide complements the Voting Rights in Canada: A Select Timeline video by expanding on featured timeline points and providing activities to help students explore the history of voting rights in more depth. While the education guide activities follow a chronological order, the lessons may be used in order or on their own.

Download the guide and worksheets below, or...